Plate Load Testing

Plate load testing is used to measure the vertical deformation and strength characteristics of the in-situ soil by assessing the force and amount of penetration and time taken for a rigid plate to penetrate Into the ground.

This test method is widely used when establishing the strength of crane bases, piling pads or crane outriggers, as well as foundations for building slabs or commercial building stanchion bases, to ensure the required loading can be achieved.

Measurements are taken remotely at a safe distance from the apparatus meaning the technician no longer has to crawl around under the machine to read dial gauges. Once set up, a handheld PDA connected remotely via Bluetooth reads the penetration of the plate into the soil and indicates the point at which the technician can increase the load within the test cycle​

plate load test
Dunelm have two automatic plate load testing kits to supplement the standard kits. This system enables the technician to view the test as it proceeds. All data can be reviewed in real time as the test progresses and instant feedback given to the client.
Gary Dresser
Director at Dunelm Testing Ltd

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